About us

ISSA Autogru for over 50 years manages the rental of cranes and electric self-propelled aerial platforms and diesel, truck, crawler and all kinds transport.

We are based in Ferrara, but we rent throughout Italy.
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Between 1950 and 1960 I.S.S.A society has born. This society was born thank to brothers Guidoboni: they transformed and enlarged their original activity “Machine shop and Car repairer’s” from road assistance and breakdown lorry to a charter for launching platform. To offer a better assistance to their costumers who needed a road assistance, firstly, they helped them with elementary things; for example they pulled the broken car with a strong string and they led it to their shop. In this way they began the activity of road assistance; their first car was a FIAT 1100 with: a simply hook, an iron cross-bar and others accessories to make easier the road assistance.

Later the activity was made for small, medium and big lorries. They fit out others means of transport: a GIPPONE and a DODGE. In this way a lot of industries and factories needed not only a road assistance but also a rise inside the factories, but those assistances needed a lot of time and they involved risks. Later they bought a new wrecker crane; the first was a BOARINI made by a factory in Ferrara. They had a great success in 1980 when they bought an hydraulic wrecker crane in Domegliara(VR) in Rigo’s factory.

This was new method of work that assured more security for all the workers. In 1960 their sons began to work using new wrecker crane (for example LIEBHERR) with some computers on board and other technologies they increased the car park with truk lift, launching platform useable with a B and C driving licence and self-moving platforms. Nowadays I.S.S.A. has a lot of means of transport: from the breakdown vains to platforms, to lorries with breakdown vains and bogie for the transport. In this way they can meet all the world of work’s requirements.